Drives: Uber

Be a part of Date: Sep 2010

Location: Dallas, TX

Adore it! I aways love seeing vibrant colours and picture getting one, however I by no means can pull the set off on one. Black is my old flame, previously each time I received something apart from black, I all the time ended up regretting it later. I concern that if I received a vibrant shade I might find it irresistible to start with, then later hate it. I suppose you would say, I find it irresistible for another person. Lol


2021 BMW LCI M5 Competitors (Incoming)

2018 BMW M4 Competitors (Offered)

2018 BMW M3 CS (Died a untimely loss of life from a water jug, R.I.P)

2015 BMW M4 (Miss you)

2008 BMW 335i (Old flame)