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New Acquisitions by Park Place Technologies

Oct 20

As we know that a good service IT and infrastructure makes any firm work on the successful line of the business. Likewise, Park Place technologies, the most well-known IT infrastructure services company has decided to spread its hands a little towards acquisitions of a new inventory management solution company known as NetSure+. It is a networking company that provides people with solutions to their questions or inventory and logistics-related problems. Netsure+ was incorporated by Charlotte, NC, based in SiteGrid. In addition to this, the CEO of CityGrid Brett Ganey and his entire team working in the networking department would also be joining Park Place Technologies.

What does NetSure+ do?

  NetSure is a hardware maintenance system that is used for the effective management of your inventory management system of the business. It will combine Park Place's network services with its own inventory logistics to serve the customers with an excellent experience at a very low cost. Moreover, by combining these customers’ spares with NetSure+ innovative logistics skills and in the end by involving Park Place’s worldwide existence, a unique and customer-friendly maintenance program will be initiated. This will result in facilitating the customers with a service that was not offered by any other maintenance program before.

Park Place’s OEM:

Park Place’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner NetSure+ enables the customer to check upon their exact inventory levels of the business. For example, it will keep you aware of the consumption of inventory alongside the units that are present in the Amazon Seller Reserved Inventory. It will help them to decide whether the stock is at the level of saturation, or it is near the reorder point. Moreover, it will also guide the customers about the exact life (warranty) of the products, how to use them, and even how to maintain them all in one place.

Therefore by acquiring the NetSure+ services, park place would be able to help its customers to take advantage of an original equipment manufacturer service, which will eradicate the risk of fraud and misleading. Customers would also be able to examine their total productive maintenance savings at the right time, which would help them to make the right decision. 

All the above-mentioned data shows how keen Park Place technology is to enhance its activities in order to serve its customers. Likewise, it was also stated in an article that the CEO and President of Park Place technologies, “Chris Adam” talked about this acquisition. He said that Park Place wants to help and guide its customers in every possible regard relegated to the management of the infrastructure of the company. He further added that acquiring NetSure+ will help their customers to check up on the maintenance system of their business and also manage their costs. He was confident that this action of taking over the NetSure+ is surely a success for them!

If we talk about the history of Park Place’s acquisition, it is the 17th one! Can you believe it? All of the acquiring activities were a great success which also included SiteGrid as heard from above. However, the proof of Park place’s successful dealings could be seen by the statement below. It was said by the CEO of CityGrid itself that;

“Customers have already benefited greatly from our collaboration, and we know that Park Place’s global engineering team will allow us to scale internationally. We are delighted to join the Park place family>”  

It clearly shows how much of an urge Park Place has to serve its customers in every possible way by trying out unique and innovative things.

Award-winning services of Park Place:

As we have discussed above the services of Park place technologies, and how important they give to their customers. However, if in doubt you can still visit for further help and inquiry.

 Now let’s dive into some of its award-winning services;

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  • Parkview Managed services.
  • Entuity software, and
  • Curvature hardware sales.