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Why Can't I Perform The Paintless Dent Removal Myself?

Nov 15

If you've stumbled upon this blog, we're guessing that you've seen ads for kits and tools to get rid of scratches. We're not going to let you know about these products as they could result in financial issues. We don't want to discourage anyone from trying one of these kits on your vehicle, since it's your vehicle. We strongly suggest San Diego dent removal. It could cost you money, time, and frustration. We would like the best for your car and for you, so take a look at these reasons to not attempt to repair dents yourself.


Can you do paintless dent repair yourself?

Bodyguard is an expert in paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair (or PDR) does the opposite. It repairs the damaged material back to its original form and also preserves the original paint. The process doesn't require any painting, sanding, or repair. It is rather as follows:


  • A professional assess the damage to determine the most effective repair procedure. This may include removing the interior panel or breaking windows.

  • The technician then selects the appropriate tool for the task. Technicians have access to an array of tools and have the experience and knowledge to select the appropriate tool for every kind of damage.

  • The technician will then gently massage the substance into its proper position. The technician will begin at the outside of the wound. The doctor will gradually shrink the damaged area until it completely disappears.


It's all about appearance. How difficult could it possibly be? 


Let's say that your car was struck with hail in the spring. You might think the damage to your car caused by car hail isn't too significant. It's not worth the effort to attempt to get expert repairs from the insurance provider. We can appreciate the need to stop the issue from occurring, but the value of your car is something you shouldn't put at risk. A lot of people are stunned by the amount "a small cosmetic flaw" could cost when it comes to trading or selling their car. It is possible to believe that just a few hundred dollars would suffice to fix your car, but it could cost you thousands. It could lower the value of your car by up to 5percent. It's worth time and effort to have small damages repaired by a professional.


Do you think DIY is worthwhile when it could save me money?


Repairing a dent yourself isn't similar to having your hair cut prior to going to the salon to rectify your error. This isn't a case to be solved by trial and error. Why? because insurance plays a role. It is necessary to make an insurance claim if your vehicle has been damaged. The insurance company might refuse to pay for additional damages to your vehicle in the event that it suffers further damage. If you cause further damages to your car and the insurance company is able to not pay for it. Yikes. This is a costly error that we do not believe is worth the risk. It's possible to make it work. The insurer will send an appraiser out to examine the vehicle and give you an estimate. This is precisely what appraisers will be looking for. The majority of them have been through the block a few times.


It can also be expensive to try DIY repair of dents without assistance from a professional. Paintless dent removal is only able to be accomplished if the car is clean of scratches. If the paint on the factory is damaged in the beginning or following the repair attempt the paintless dent removal process cannot be used to fix your vehicle.

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