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Car Detailing: Everything you need to know

Nov 24

Auto Detailing 101

Cars, like people, need regular maintenance to keep them attractive and healthy. Most car enthusiasts will spend an extensive amount of time, effort, and money to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. Car maintenance does not limit itself to just car washing, which brings us to the question:

What is Car Detailing? 

Car Detailing is an art form. 

To put it in simple terms, Car detailing is a labor-intensive method of maintaining cars that involve the most basic options like vacuuming the car interiors, washing the body, waxing and polishing the exterior, and cleaning the windows. Only done by professionals, Car detailing uses various techniques, systems, and car-specific products to help extend a car's life and to keep it looking brand new in order to increase its resale value in the future. 

Why choose Car Detailing? 

Extends Lifespan 

Car detailing also includes cleaning and checking your engines. Engines need to be at their optimal state so that your car will have a longer period of usage. Even the car's interior and exterior parts require the same. Upholstery can be deep cleaned and fixed when needed and the car's paint job can also be thoroughly inspected and remedied. Car detailing must be done every 4 to 6 months in a year. 

Retains or increases the resale value

Vehicles normally have a depreciating value. The higher and longer the usage a car has, the lower its value gets. But, car detailing can change all of these. Regular maintenance of the car keeps it looking fresh, brand new, and even better than it ever looked before, therefore increasing buyer confidence and the willingness to spend more for your car. 

Makes heads turn

Let's admit it, first impressions last. Well-maintained cars look sleek, attractive, and are truly eye-catching. It leaves a good impression on people, makes you look professional and trustworthy. 

Protects the upholstery and adds protection to the exterior

Whether you have leather or synthetic upholstery, auto detailing applies thorough cleaning and uses protective agents and solutions to preserve your upholstery. Leather needs protective solutions and a moisturizer to avoid ripping and tearing. For softer materials, proper shampooing and high-pressure vacuuming may be enough to remove stains while applying a fabric protector solution can prevent future stains and damages. Car detailing also includes providing care to a car's paint job. Regular wear and tear make a vehicle's exterior look dull because of scratches, stains, bubbling, and swirl marks. Paint correction and the application of protective car wax give your automobile added defense from rapid deterioration and other external factors. 

Hassle and stress-free

People lead busy lives and have no time to attend to car detailing by themselves. This is the primary reason why professional car detailers exist. Car detailing is tedious and labor-extensive, which requires the personal touch and care of experienced car detailers. They know every nook and cranny of the cars, know what kinds of cleaning tools and solutions to use, and have a systematic approach to handle each car. What we only have to do is leave our cars at the detailers and let them do the job for us, worry-free. 

Types of Car Detailing 

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing includes deep cleaning, restoration, and replacing the exterior components of a car, such as windows, wheels, windshields, and tires. A typical exterior detailing process looks like this: Washing and drying, Claying (using a clay bar to remove even the smallest debris in the crevasses of the car), Polishing, and Sealing. Additional services are inclusive of repainting, detailing of engines, polishing and changing of headlights, high-pressure engine cleanse, bumper inspection, repair, and replacement, paint correction, etc.  Detailing products used in exterior detailing are varied and may include wax, detailing clay, degreasers, surfactants, silicon, and non-silicon dressings, and buffing compounds. 

Interior Detailing 

A car's interior is more intricate and complicated than its exterior. More often than not, interior detailing takes more time and hands to complete. The standard process of interior detailing begins with vacuuming the seats, cargo, trunk, removing the floor mats separately, and using an air compressor for hard-to-reach spaces. The next step is brushing and steam cleaning for all mats and carpets to be followed by glass cleaning, which makes all windows and windshields shiny and clear. If your upholstery is made of leather, special care by using leather-appropriate cleaning materials. The last few steps of interior detailing are re-vacuuming, wiping, and deodorizing our car. 

Once both interior and exterior detailing is complete,  your car will look, feel, and smell like a brand new car!

Choose Car Detailing in Melbourne

 Everyone wants to have a squeaky clean, fresh-smelling, and attractive car. Because of our busy day-to-day lifestyle, we lack the time and energy to do it all by ourselves. Car detailing is the best choice for you! Car detailing companies only hire the best, most experienced, and knowledgeable professionals to take care of your cars. They use the latest and high-end technologies, systems, and techniques to extend the lifespan of your car, improve its performance, and give it the stunning look that it so deserves.