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The Best Dark Web Sites That Google Doesn't Want You to Find

Dec 21

The deep web is a term used to describe anything that can't be found using a search engine on the internet. This includes emails in your Gmail account, direct messages on social networks, and even private Facebook photos that you chose not to share.

When you're ready to go deeper into the dark web, things start getting more complicated. For example, some sites are completely legal—such as domain services and email providers—while others, such as whistleblowing, may be banned in your nation. Others straddle the border between legality and illegality. Make careful about which dark web links you click.

It's critical to realize that on the Dark Web, everything may be quite criminal or indecent. Being able to stay genuinely anonymous is extremely unlikely no matter what precautions you take. Make certain you take the necessary measures. Use a VPN service and their secure servers, a private browser, and make sure you have a disposable email address ready in case you need it.


Dread is like the Reddit of the Dark Web, only without any rules. You have a means to sign up for things (anonymous email) and pay for them (anonymous Bitcoin), but do you know who and where to buy from? Where may you learn the most recent news in your area? Dread provides an answer.


Bitcoins are difficult to trace, but they aren't entirely anonymous. The technology only provides pseudonymity, which means you are anonymous as long as no one knows your Bitcoin addresses. OnionWallet aids in the breaching of this chain by allowing you to mix all bitcoins and thus making it impossible to track on the Bitcoin Blockchain.


The Dark Web is home to a unique sort of publication for those who support independent journalism. ProPublica is a non-profit organization that aims to root out abuse of power, corruption, and other wrongdoings. They're completely non-commercial and have a personalized onion URL accessible via the Tor browser that you may use to access them.


SecureDrop is a system that allows people to securely upload information to news organizations. It's necessary, though, since many individuals need some breathing room on the internet every now and then. However, it's a bit more transitional because it was created for whistleblowers to submit material anonymously. The non-profit Freedom of the Press Foundation now owns and runs this site. All data is scrambled using encryption, and there are no third-party connections at any time throughout the process. It's genuinely completely anonymous!


If you're looking for dark web URLs or know someone who is, this site maintains a list of active .onion links that will lead you to some of the most popular Hidden Wikis and Tor sites. You can access on the clearnet, but you'll need Tor/Tails to follow the onion links themselves.