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Change Car Battery Fort Worth

Jan 4

You need your car battery intact to drive. You also don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car won’t start. It can be very frustrating, especially when traveling with your family or trying to catch an event somewhere. Some places could also be very dangerous. SC Pro Tow Fort Worth provide the best car batter changing service in Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding areas.

How Do You Know It’s Time for an Auto Battery Replacement?

Knowing when to have your car battery replacement can save you the last-minute hassle, which is quite frustrating and inconvenient. Ideally, your car’s battery can last up to six years if you are always driving in ideal conditions. However, because of extreme weather such as very high temperatures and excessive humidity, most vehicles need a battery replacement every four years. Generally, you should get your car battery replaced if it no longer charges or holds a charge for long.

Are There Some Signs to Watch Out?

Batteries in new vehicles rarely show signs that they are about to fail. For that reason, you need to remember the age of your battery! Once your battery passes the three-year mark, start paying close attention to your vehicle’s functioning. Below are 4 of the most common signs of a dying battery:

Your Car’s Engine Takes Longer to Start.

The extra seconds that your car’s engine takes to start are meant to help it create a charge for the starter. It is usually the last stage of a dying car battery and your need to start thinking of a car battery replacement.

A Foul Smell

If you are struck by the smell of rotten eggs every time you open the hood, then it could be time to have your battery checked for leakage. The battery could be having an internal short circuit, or it could be damaged.

Corroded Connectors

if you notice a whitish substance on the metal parts of your battery, it could be corrosion. Corrosion can cause voltage issues with your battery, which will, in return, cause trouble starting your car.

Dim Headlights and Non-Responsive Electrical And Electronic Components.

Your car depends on the battery for it to function properly. If the battery is dead, the car won’t start. Its electrical components, such as the alarm and security system, wipers, radio, climate control, among other electronics, will cease to function.

Change Car Battery Service Fort Worth, TX

Sometimes your car battery can fail you unexpectedly. If this happens while on the road, try to guide the car to the side to a safe position. If you are in Fort Worth, TX, then Towing Fort Worth has got your back. Once you let us know your situation, we will be there in no time to ensure you resume your journey as soon as possible. We offer timely mobile car battery replacement services 24/7. To help lengthen your battery’s life, avoid letting it stay in the driveway for too long. Your car’s battery stays charged by reusing the energy created from driving. Also, avoid very short trips that don’t give the battery enough time to charge.


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