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Line Marking for Car Parks

Jan 7

Car parks should be well organised or else they can turn chaotic. Moreover, the risk of collisions can also increase if car parks lack important safety features.

These safety measures are simple, yet significant. Be it convex mirrors, wheel stops, bollards or simple line markings.

They can make a great difference to the overall safety and convenience.

Line Marking for Car Parks

If you are not sure how line markings work for a car park, here’s some help.

The line markings play a major role in making a car park safe and efficient. There are set standards and guidelines when it comes to using line markings in Australia. Hence, you should only hire a professional who can ensure a reliable line marking job.

Line Marking – Must-Have Features for Safer Car Parks


Car parks are the high-traffic areas and vehicles can move in and out the entire day. Thus, the most important criteria for line marking for car parks should be durability. They should last long, be clear and visible in a way that it leaves no room for confusion, regardless if it is day or night.

Anti-skid and Anti-slip

The line marking solutions must come with anti-skid and anti-slip features as they help reduce the risk of accidents for both motorists and pedestrians. Additionally, having these markings in the pedestrian zones will also avoid any pedestrian falls or slips.

To make it easier for you – we have the perfect solution.

So, whether you are looking for the best safety products like bollards, wheel stops, speed humps or you are looking for floor coatings, line markings and installation services as per the Australian standards – we have got you covered.

There is a great reputation and trust attached to both these brands – which makes your job easier because you can be assured of getting the best quality and value from us.

We want to serve the safety industry together and offer end-to-end solutions so that you run your business productively without the hassle of getting multiple price quotes or dealing with several sub-contractors.

Line Marking Process - How Does it Work?

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of the people at large. Our team ensures that safety regulations are followed strictly and safe practices are operated and maintained while on the job.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Be it a line marking machine, stencil, traffic lane separation kerb, spray paint, marking dots, masking tape or adhesive pads - we have you covered with the best and the most advanced products. All you need is to check on your requirements and order your line marking materials.

You can place an order directly and get everything delivered to your doorstep. We can even assist you in picking the right products if required.

Our efficient team is not only equipped with quality materials but are also highly trained in safety practices. We choose to create the safest environment possible in an effort to maintain public safety.

Our line marking services are not just limited to car parks but also in factories, warehouses, schools, playgrounds as well as sports grounds. We can also remove the existing line markings.

We can line mark safety lines, pedestrian crossings, directional arrows, disabled symbols, bicycle symbols, forklift symbols, kerbing, speed humps, school crossings, stop and give way lines, numbering, lettering and walkways.

So, whether you have a new construction, planning to upgrade your safety measures or simply want to replace the faded markings with fresh ones- you can count on us.

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