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The Most Essential Car Care Products To Buy

Jan 15

Cleaning your car, if you're anything like me, might feel like a job that takes up valuable time on your weekend that could be better spent with friends or family. While removing tenacious brake dust and insect guts might take a long time, the effort spent carefully cleaning your car's paintwork and the interior is well worth it when you see the final result. Although it is best to leave the car detailing to the car detailing experts like Yarra Valley Mobile Car Detailing in Melbourne, we always do not have the budget to do so every single week. This is why it is important to have a basic car detailing kit in the comforts of your home. Let us give you a rundown on the must-have products that you need to perform basic car washing or detailing at home. 

Essential Car Care Products that You Need

Buckets and Sponge 

The most common way to clean your car is to use the two-bucket method. From the name itself, you only need two buckets to perform this way of cleaning. One bucket is reserved for the car shampoo and warm water mix while the other bucket is allotted for the cold and clean water that will be used for rinsing. Simple, right? 

Grit Guard

A grit guard is a little plastic screen that you place in your soap bucket to keep the grit out. Scrub your sponge against the plastic to remove grit and grime that might harm your car if you use it to wash it again. The grit guards you put at the bottom of the bucket are meant to keep any dirt and muck in the bucket and out of your wash mitt. The aim is to clean the guard by rubbing the mitt against it and then wringing it out.

Car Shampoo

Not all shampoos are created equally and for the same purpose. When it comes to washing cars, you have to use car shampoo. Car Shampoos are specifically formulated and designed to clean the cars while helping them retain or enhance their original lustre and shine. There are so many shampoo brands and varieties out in the market so it could be but daunting when you go shop for one. It is important to do your research and read the labels before you purchase one. 

Wheel Cleaner and Brush 

A wheel and rim brush will significantly improve the cleanliness of your vehicle's wheels. Your car's wheels collect brake dust, road filth, and tar, and keeping them clean may be challenging. Use a wheel cleaner made specifically for your wheels to get rid of this obstinate grit and dirt. It's much more effective when used in conjunction with a wheel brush, as wheel brushes allow you to reach spots that are tough to clean.

Car Wax

You'll want to apply auto wax to have a thoroughly polished car. These items aid in the protection of your prized possession from the elements. You'll like the shine it offers your vehicle. Polishing your paintwork and preserving it with wax is usually advised once every 6 months to give an additional barrier against the harshness of the environment.

Microfiber Towels and Chamois

You'll want to dry your car once you've finished rinsing it for a spot-free finish. A decent microfibre towel is definitely worth the buy because they're reasonably affordable. Microfibres are measured in grams per square meter (g/m2) or weight. The heavier the towel, the higher the number. Drying towels should be heavier than ordinary microfibre, and I look for anything above 500 g/m2 as a rule of thumb. Traditionally, a Chamois was used to dry automobile paintwork, but microfiber drying cloths have superseded the Chamois in recent years since they are quicker to use and produce a superior finish with less scratching.

Tire Wax

Tire shine is another essential item in the home detailer's toolkit. You'll want to apply auto wax to have a thoroughly polished car. You'll like the shine it offers your vehicle. This product protects your tires from the weather while also making them seem new. You only have to take note that some car shampoos already contain car wax so read before you buy! 

Glass and Window Cleaners

Window cleaning wipes are useful for cleaning your car's interior and exterior windows. However, using the anti-glare window cleaner especially for automobile windows is a fantastic option for a more thorough cleaning. Cleaning the windscreen and other windows on your automobile from the outside to the inside will help you to see well while driving. If your windows are tinted, avoid using a cleaning that contains ammonia or alcohol, since this may cause the tint to fade.

Duster for your Dashboard

Dusting your car's dashboard should be done at least as frequently as you wash it, if not more frequently. Keep a duster in your car for quick cleaning.

Detailing Spray

A detailing spray may be used to give your automobile a fast clean in between washes, or it can be used during the drying process to produce a high degree of shine and eliminate undesired water stains and spots that were missed during the wash. To bring out the shine, just spray into the paintwork, trimmings, or glass and wipe over with a high-quality microfibre cloth.

I can do it! 

You don't need to become so overwhelmed with the numerous amounts and kinds of car care cleaning products out there. Take your time to get to know each product classification, read whether it's suited for your vehicle or not, and decide on the brand that you want to purchase. As with the detailing process, start with the general step, master them, before moving on to more intricate and complicated detailing procedures. The more you know and the more you practice, the faster you will be on the road to becoming a car detailing expert! If all else fails, it is still best to bring your cars to a credible and experienced car detailer like Yarra Valley Mobile Car Detailing in Melbourne. They will provide you with the most excellent car detailing in the entire Melbourne with hard to beat prices.