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Extended Car Warranty Cost

Jan 16


When shopping for vehicle protection you should look for reputable extended warranty companies. You shouldn't deal with a business that has poor business practices or poor customer service track record.

Our review team has evaluated dozens of providers to find the most trustworthy extended warranty companies and all of them ranked highly in our top extended guarantee 2022 review (see methodology below). We'll go over each one in detail, focusing on business practices and industry reputation. We'll also explore the factors that make a business reputable and how to choose the best one for your requirements.

What is it that makes an extended warranty business reputable?

Any reputable and worthwhile extended car warranty companies in 2022 must tick the following boxes:

Strong industry reputation

We consider AM Best and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and AM Best when considering a company's standing in the industry. The BBB assesses businesses based for their ability to respond to and settle customer issues. If a company has an excellent BBB rating, there's a good chance it effectively communicates with contract holders in a timely manner.

Some companies work with underwriters of vehicle service contracts to guarantee claims payouts. To check the underwriters' financial stability ratings, we check AM Best, which rates the financial capacity of a company to pay claims and manage the risk.

Certain extended warranty companies such as Carchex are also supported by leading companies in the industry. The presence of prominent partnerships is a mark of a reputable service.

Customer satisfaction ratings are high.

The BBB, Google and Trustpilot all provide customer review scores for extended warranty firms. We recommend using several review sites when choosing the right provider. It's not uncommon to have poor reviews from customers on the BBB, as customers looking to settle their complaints are more likely to post reviews on this website.

Positive customer reviews can be a good method of determining the quality of service provided by an extended warranty provider. Look for companies with reviews that highlight a speedy claims process , and friendly service reps. Beware of businesses which have customers who complain about poor ways of doing business, including fraud calls and misleading advertisements.

Transparent business practices

Many reliable extended warranty companies have samples of their contracts online, so that customers can review the coverage details prior to signing on the dotted line. The most common complaint with contract holders is denials of claims.

If you choose a service which is able to provide information on the terms of its contracts, you'll be better equipped to understand what is and isn't covered. However, it's important to be sure to read the fine print regardless of the provider you choose.

Long-standing company history

Through our extensive investigation, we've found that the most reliable, reputable providers have been in business for more than a couple of years. The industry of warranty is extremely competitive, which makes it simple for companies to come and go, particularly in the event of negative customer reviews and shady business practices.


It is also essential to locate a service plan that is easy to use. Does it reimburse the repair center directly? Are there extra benefits like assistance with roadside emergencies and rental car reimbursement? Are there a 30-day refund guarantee if you decide to change your mind? Each of our suggestions offers these advantages.

The most reputable extended car warranty company

When identifying the five most reputable extended car warranty providers available, we considered the factors previously mentioned, along with costs and the options for coverage. After researching insurance companies in the market, Endurance, Carchex, Protect My Car, CarShield and autopom! were the top picks for reliability

#1 Make My Car Safe: The majority of Maintenance Plans

Accessibility in all states, with the exception of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma and Washington Maximum mileage limit: 125,000 miles
Extra benefits: Roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and trip interruption

Protect My Car holds some of the best customer reviews ratings of any extended warranty provider. It has an A+ grade from the BBB as well as a 4.5-star consumer review rating as of the date of publication. Customers have weighed in on Trustpilot to give an average rating score of 4.5 ratings with more than 2300 reviews.

The employees of Protect My Car are accredited with the Association of Certified Vehicle Protection Professionals (ACVPP). The certification focuses upon ethical practices in business, consumer protections, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and more. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Magnuson-Moss's Warranty Act "requires warranty providers of consumer products for consumers to offer clear information regarding warranties."

Customers of Protect My Car frequently mention positive experiences with the customer service team as well as the simplicity of the claim process.

Protect My Car extended warranty plans

Protect My Car offers three coverage options, which could last for up to 10 years/25,000 miles. They include:

Secure My Car Plan

What it covers


Similar protection to the vehicle's original factory warranty


Ideal for vehicles with more than fifty thousand miles. Coverage is just a little less than the Supreme plan.


Powertrain protection for vehicles between four and 10 years old with more than 80,000 miles

Protect My Car also has five pre-paid maintenance programs known as Ambassador Maintenance Plans. A Maintenance Plan covers a combination of car repairs as well as regular maintenance.

Cost of an extended warranty on a car

An extended car warranty cost between $1500 and $3500. According to our survey of customers, about 67% of respondents have paid between $1500 to $2,500 for an extended warranty. Extended auto warranty prices are determined by the model of your car, so comparison of quotes can help you to get the best price.

Is an extended warranty worth it?

Extended warranties can be worthwhile for all car owners, but it's best to consider your circumstances when deciding on an agreement. If you have a reliable vehicle or plan to sell it prior to when the factory warranty expires, a car protection plan may prove to be not worth the expense. It is the same for those who have savings that are set aside for repairs to their vehicles.

But, you must think about adding coverage if you are in one of the following situations: you:

You'd like peace of mind

Repairs to your vehicle can be expensive to pay out of your pocket. After the expiration of your manufacturer's warranty the financial responsibility is yours for any electrical or mechanical breakdowns. Extended warranties cover the cost for repairs covered, alleviating anxieties about the possibility of future issues.

You want a predictable auto budget

If you pay for a car service contract up front or through a monthly payment program, or even as part of the financing for your vehicle and insurance, you're not responsible for a surprise repair bill in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown.

You're planning to have your car for a long time

According to research conducted by IHS Markit The average age of operable light vehicles within the U.S. was 12.1 years as of 2021. Since the majority of bumper-to bumper warranties expire within 4 years/50,000 miles, you could be driving unprotected vehicles for more than 50% of its lifespan.

It is also important to consider your vehicle's repair costs. The more you can expect to spend on repairs the more likely you are to benefit from extended warranty protection. Here are some average annual repair expenses for top automakers, as per RepairPal:

Car Brand

Average Annual Repair Cost













Land Rover


What are the opinions of consumers?

Our team polled 1,000 consumers who had been looking for an extended vehicle warranty plan. In this sample, around 75% of them had purchased extended warranties from dealerships, while 44% had purchased an extended warranty through a third-party.

Survey respondents said pricing was the most important aspect, followed by the duration of the warranty and the extent of coverage. Overall 64% of respondents were satisfied with their extended warranty and 13% of them said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

On the contrary 13% of respondents said they were unhappy with the warranty. A few said that the warranty did not cover repairs that were expected, while others said they thought the company tried to get out of paying for repairs.

Are you considering an extended warranty offered by the dealer?

In addition to trusted extended car warranty providers customers can also buy coverage from their vehicle manufacturers. Because these agreements are typically supported by the automakers themselves, they can reduce the buyer's anxiety regarding reliability.

Manufacturer contracts ensure certified technicians trained by factory and the use of genuine parts to repair. However, they also have a few restrictions which include:

Limited repair shop choice

The majority of manufacturers require that drivers visit the dealership or a repair center that is branded for repairs. While this may not seem like a big deal however, certain automakers have comparatively only a handful of dealerships across the country. For example, there are only about 100 MINI dealerships across the U.S.


Expensive vehicle service contracts

You could face dealer markups on top of the cost of your contract if purchase a protection plan that is backed by a manufacturer.

A broader range of options of coverage

Typically, manufacturers only provide one to three car protection plans. In accordance with your needs it is possible to purchase too little coverage or buy coverage you don't need.

What to know before buying an extended warranty offered by a third party

With a third-party warranty, a company besides your car's manufacturer will cover certain repairs. The major benefit is that it's usually cheaper than a manufacturer's extended warranty.

However, a third-party plan could or won't provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair parts. If you visit an authorized dealer and purchase OEM replacement parts, you could have to cover a portion of the repair cost depending on the terms of the contract.

The most reliable extended car warranty companies will pay the repair shop directly, which means all you pay is the deductible. Certain less reputable companies will have you pay upfront for repairs and provide receipts for reimbursement, so watch out for those companies.

Go through the contract carefully before buying the plan. Find the specifications for:

Limits on the coverage of labor rates

What defines mechanical failure

Maximum payout per contract

OEM parts coverage

Inspections or waiting periods are required prior to coverage

Maintenance documentation is needed

Emergency repair procedures

Contract cancellations and transfer of contracts

Additionally every extended warranty contract include exclusions. This can be a case of specific parts, such as cosmetic items or emission components, as well as maintenance items like brake pads or oil changes. Know what's not covered in order to be sure you aren't disappointed in the future. One of the most frequent complaints regarding extended warranties is repairs not being covered.

Sometimes, a business doesn't cover a valid repair. In many instances, the contract clearly does not cover the repair. Be sure to read the entire fine text, and don't rely on a salesperson to read every clause to you.

Can you buy an extended warranty after purchasing the vehicle?

Some dealerships allow the purchase of an extended warranty before the warranty runs out, but others require that you purchase it when you purchase a new vehicle. However, most third-party providers sell plans for vehicles that are not covered by the warranty period that is provided by the manufacturer.

How can I end an extended warranty the car

If you wish to cancel an extended warranty, you must to notify the contract administrator, and then submit the cancellation request in writing. You may also need to provide a notarized odometer declaration. The most reliable extended warranty providers provide 30 day money-back guarantees as well as prorated refunds after that.

How do you find the best warranty company for you

When considering extended car warranty providers, it's best to look at quotes. This way, you'll be able to make sure you get the best coverage plan that fits within your budget.