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Coast Tradelines Review

Jan 25


Coast Tradelines Review

Coast Tradelines is distinct in the tradelines market because they provide tradeline bundles in different tranches

Coast Tradelines was founded in the year 2010 under the name Strong Tower Tradelines. The company incorporated the Verifico platform in their software suite, but in the year 2019, they broke independently and changed the name of the business to Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines was founded in the year 2010 under the name Strong Tower Tradelines. They later incorporated Verifico platform into their technology suite but in 2019 , they struck out on their own and renamed the company Coast Tradelines.


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Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 as Strong Tower Tradelines

Over time , they've incorporated Verifico platform to their technology suite but in 2019 they went out on their own , and rebranded Coast Tradelines. Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines is unique in the industry of tradelines as they offer tradeline bundles in several tranches. Coast's emphasis on volume allows it to build tradeline bundles that reduce prices. Because of this, Coast offers great value for both brokers and retail customers.

They also provide a verification process for EINs, SSNs and CPNs (up to 10 at a time) which allows users to determine whether there is any issue with the numbers they have that could affect any credit ratings. Diversification separates them from smaller, single-proprietor stores which offer only individual tradelines.

Coast CEO Andy also sees an opportunity around the lack of understanding by the general population about how tradelines work and a subsequent lack of trust in some tradeline companies. He has been instrumental in driving Coast Tradelines to develop tech-first solutions to help customers with their problems with a variety of options, including text chat, email and text for customers. The most important thing is that Coast's customer service representatives are welcoming and helpful when explaining the complexities of tradelines and credit scores.

Another indication that Coast is dedicated to quality is its library of informational posts along with a helpful frequently asked FAQ page, and an extensive glossary of terms that can help customers to find the answers to their queries and help customers make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Coast Tradelines Strengths

Coast Tradelines's creative bundling tradelines is what sets them apart in the market. It allows them the ability to provide higher quality services at a lower cost to both consumers and brokers. In addition to their unique services like ID validation and a hefty collection of educational materials Coast's offering places them in the top category of tradeline services.

Coast also shines in its customer service. When we contacted them for assistance and advice, the agents were polite and well informed. Every inquiry was answered in a prompt fashion, and you can get updates or responses over the phone, via texts, or online on the website.

Coast Tradelines Areas for Improvement

Although the educational materials offered by Coast are fantastic, some competitors offer more videos or other tutorials to help beginners navigate their buying experience.

The inventory they have is often sold out quickly, which isn't great for those looking to trade at the conclusion of the month but it also shows Coast is trusted and loved by its clients.

Are Coast Tradelines the right choice for you?

If you're an existing customer or broker seeking the best price for your money, Coast Tradelines is a ideal choice. Their helpful customer service and an extensive knowledge of the industry makes choosing the most affordable deal simple.

Coast is proud to give its customers complete control over the number and kind of tradelines they're considering. With an impressive track record for customer experience, pricing and trustworthiness, Coast is a great option for buying tradelines in general.

  • A large supply of inventory allows Coast to provide the most competitive cost
  • Unique features like tradeline bundles as well as ID validation
  • The procedure is easy and there are no hidden costs.
  • Large inventory can be overwhelming at times.
  • Doesn't take credit card payments
  • Very poor customer service on the weekends
All in all 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines's combination of low prices, large inventory choices and professional service makes Coast Tradelines a great choice overall. Add-on services like tradeline bundles, ID verification and more are attractive for both retail customers as well as brokers.

Pricing 4/5

Coast has some of the lowest prices available thanks to their number of quality tradelines. Low cost is an important factor for the business and guides their tradeline acquisition.

Inventory 4/5

There are over 400 lines available each month, but the supply is quickly depleted. The lines are all seasoned and top-quality.

Customer Experience 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines website is well organized and easy to navigate. The forms are simple and simple to use. They usually respond within 24 hours by texts or phone calls.

Trustworthiness 4/5

The sales representatives are well-educated and are able to resolve clients' questions. All purchases are made in writing and provide greater protection to the customer and also ensures the company has been in business for 10 years.

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