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Questions You Need to Ask About Car Detailing

Feb 12

Car Detailing is not as simple as we think it is. It requires a lot of materials, time, and so much effort to make your cars look like brand new again. Most of the time, we leave the car detailing to car detailing experts such as Yarra Valley Mobile Car Detailing in Melbourne. Let us help you ask the right questions before you bring your car to the car detailer! 

How long does car detailing take?

When getting your automobile or truck detailed, this is usually one of the first questions asked. As previously said, this can take anywhere between 2 and 8 hours. So, you might wonder, what makes a difference in how long it takes. The length of time it will take is determined by a number of things such as size and age of the car, type of service you want, how much scratches your car has, how dirty it is, and what kind of package you will choose. 

How much will it cost me?

While the cost of the mobile auto detailing service appears to be exorbitant, when you consider the value, it is actually a reasonable price. The price varies widely based on the location, the size of the car, and the expertise of the detailers. The pricing difference is decided by the amount of work done to the car and the time it takes the detailer to complete it.

Do I need to do anything before car detailing?

Before getting your automobile detailed, it's a good idea to tidy it up a little. This may seem counterintuitive, but it will allow the auto detailer to concentrate on the vehicle's finer points. What you can do is to remove all unnecessary clutter, including trash, and a quick vacuum also does not hurt! 

Does a car detail last long?

If you keep the interior of the vehicle clean, the detail might last for a long time. Pick up any garbage, water bottles, or other items that may have accumulated in your freshly cleaned vehicle. Drinks and food should not be spilled on the car's console or flooring. When it comes to the exterior of your vehicle, there are a lot of options. If you chose to do a compound, polish, and wax, your automobile should be protected for three months. It's not necessary to repeat all of the measures at the three-month mark. Usually, a simple wash and wax will suffice at this point.

Is there a warranty offered for car detailing?

A warranty indicates that the detailer is confident in his abilities to provide services. Avoid any auto detailing service that does not provide a guarantee. You don't want to leave the auto shop only to find out the next day that you've squandered all of your money on something you thought was worthwhile. The warranty period varies depending on the job.

What kind of products are used?

You may put your auto detailing product knowledge to the test by putting an auto detailing service to the test. Inquire about the brands they employ to obtain a sense of what you're getting for your money. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the products, the higher the price. You can also find out if they plan to use caustic chemicals on your prized object and avoid the hazard by declining their service. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, ask your car detailer if they have eco-friendly products on hand that they can use for your car. 

Does a new vehicle need car detailing?

Just because your car is brand new doesn't mean the paint job is immaculate. Many paint imperfections are often overlooked by quality control personnel when a vehicle leaves the factory. Dirt specks, run lines, wet sanding markings, pig tails from a D/A sander, and hologramming from poor polishing procedures are examples of these flaws. If the vehicle is sent from out of state or travels by rail, it may be exposed to a variety of toxins along the journey. The vehicle is then washed inadequately by inexperienced lot employees, resulting in scratches and swirl marks when it arrives at the car dealership. Ask them not to wash your car before you take possession, if possible.

When In Doubt, Leave it To Us

You don't need to get overwhelmed with tons of information that may be a bit hard to understand. You can trust in Yarra Valley Mobile Car Detailing to complete car detailing on your cars, trucks, boats, and caravans because we are experts in the business! Our car detailing shop is located in Lilydale, Melbourne.