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Applications For HALT And HASS

Mar 15

This is a stress test designed to determine and speed up product reliability, which is known as HALT. In the early stages of product development for electronic equipment, HALT tests are commonly employed. With the data collected by HALT testing, product defects and vulnerabilities may be identified by testers.

High-accelerated stress screen, or HASS, is a production testing screen based on industry applications for HALT. To improve product dependability, engineers use the results of these two tests to identify design flaws in their products.

These include mobile phones, PDAs, TVs and printed circuit boards as well as components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes. In the HALT/HASS technique, products are subjected to environmental stress simulations that imitate and exceed the circumstances predicted during product usage. Temperature cycling, repeated shock, power margining, and power cycling are some of the conditions in HALT/HASS.


Suitable For HALT/HAS

Crystal Instruments created the Spider-101 specifically for HALT/HASS applications. Besides temperature and humidity sensors, the Spider-101 modules provide four voltage/IEPE input channels as well. For driving an electro-dynamic shaker, a hydraulic shaker or a pneumatic hammer, several output waveforms are provided through output channels. The most powerful HALT/HASS chamber in the world has six temperature control outputs and four humidity control outputs. An isolated digital I/O interface is also included in the Spider-101. gRMS level and test duration are all synced with temperature and humidity control profiles, allowing for fully customizable vibration ramps. After stabilization, temperature control is typically precise to within +/- 0.5 C.