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Wolverhampton Local Business Advice and Events

Mar 26

In the city of Wolverhampton, you can find a variety of businesses and organisations that offer free or low-cost co-working space and training. The City of Opportunity promotes the area as a great place to start a business. The Black Country Chamber of Commerce can assist you with any issues you may have in relation to your business. In addition, Wolves in Business, a Council initiative, offers free advice on local organisations. Check out for more information about Wolverampton.

The City of Wolverhampton offers a range of services to support local businesses. Its Business Support Team can help you increase your profits, improve your company's reputation, and attract new team members. The city also has a network of partner organisations that can assist employers in recruitment, upskilling employees, and workforce development. These services can help you find a business, or help you deal with redundancy.

The City of Wolverhampton's Relight Business Programme aims to attract and support ambitious sole traders and small businesses. The Relight Business Programme will help these businesses with a package of support, including a market review, product and digital analysis, and financial planning. In addition, Relight Business Programme participants will receive a free year of membership to the Black Country Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Small Businesses.

IGNITE is a new business hub that will help people to start a business. It will be located in the i10 complex. It will focus on cyber-enabled opportunities, online acceleration, and digital skills. It will offer training in website development, selling online, and managing a team from a remote location. You can contact Oliver Bhurrut, Communications Manager, for more information. You can also email him at [email protected].

If you're a local business owner or operate a small business in the area, you can find help from the local government's Enterprise department. The LEP will assist you in setting up and running your business, ensuring that you can meet your objectives. If you're an employer, it will help you with training and mentoring. You can also find a Wolverhampton LEP office.

The Combined Authority has made sure that Wolverhampton's economic growth is on track to meet the target in 2020. The local government's role is to support local businesses in achieving their ambitions. During the process of identifying needs, the council works with businesses to ensure that they are successful and remain competitive. In order to achieve this, the local business council is working closely with private sector organisations and the West Midlands Combined Authority.