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Here's Your Ultimate Roof Inspection Guide

May 30

An inspection of your roof is an important part of owning a home. Roof inspections can detect issues before they become larger and more costly problems.

It's also beneficial to have a roof inspection done every year or so to ensure that the roof is in good condition. This article will guide you how to inspect your roof yourself. We'll give you an inventory of what to be looking for and also explain what you should do if you find any problems.

What exactly is an Roof Inspection?

An inspection of your roof is just a looking at your roof and its parts. Check for indications of damage, such as roof shingles that are damaged or missing and leaks as well as other signs.

It is also important to check the downspouts and gutters to ensure that they are free of obstruction and are in good condition. In the event of a severe weather storm such as a hurricane or heavy rainstorms, it's recommended that your roof to be examined.

What Should I Do To Check My Roof?

It's possible to save lot of money by catching roof problems early. Repairs or replacement costs are expensive to replace the roof. Finding problems early is better than waiting.

A roof inspection may help you spot potential problems before they become serious. If, for instance, you see a small leak, you might be able to fix it yourself before it develops into a bigger problem.

When Should I Inspect My Roof?

It is recommended to inspect your roof every year at least. It's recommended to perform this inspection in the fall or spring in the months when weather conditions are less severe. If you reside in an area with severe weather conditions, such as strong winds or heavy snowfall it is possible to examine your roof on a regular basis.

What's the Best Method to Inspect My Roof?

There are two methods to look at your roof: either from below or from the roof. If you have a ladder you can climb it and inspect your roof from a higher angle. In other cases, you can examine your roof from the ground using binoculars.

Here are some signs to be looking for when you inspect your roofing:

  • Curled, broken or missing shingles that are missing, cracked or curled
  • Bald spots in the shingles
  • Granules in the gutters (this could be an indication that your shingles are degrading)
  • Leaks in the attic (if you have one)
  • sunlight entering the roof boards

If you spot any of these issues, it's time to call a roofer. They'll assess the damage and give you an estimate for repairs.

What to Look For When You're Hiring A Roofer

When hiring a roofing contractor it's crucial to do the necessary research. Make sure you get multiple estimates and review reviews prior to making a final decision.

You should also ask the roofer for evidence of insurance and workers compensation. This will safeguard you in the event of an accident that occurs during the repair.

You must ensure that you know the terms of the warranty provided by the roofing company. Certain warranties cover only materials, while others cover both materials and labor.

Do You Have the Ability to Repair Your Roof by Yourself?

You may be thinking whether your roof can be repaired by you, if you are adept. Although it is possible to make minor repairs, we recommend hiring a professional for any major repairs.

There is a risk of injury if you try to repair your roof yourself. Leave the big jobs to the professionals!

How Do You Check Your Roof Each year?

It is best to examine your roof at minimum every year. This will help you spot problems earlier and stop them from getting worse.

You may need to inspect your roof on a regular basis if you live in severe weather zones. For instance, those living who live in areas that are prone to hurricanes should check their roofs following each storm.


An inspection of your roof is a crucial aspect of maintaining your home. By inspecting your roof regularly, you can catch issues early and stop the problems from growing into larger issues down the road. Employing a professional to help you with the roof inspection is the best way to make sure that everything is properly checked.

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