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You Need Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

Jun 16

Ceramic Coating has many benefits that are changing how we look at car care. Ceramic Coating was initially developed as a protective coating for your vehicle's paint. It is now a revolutionary technology capable of enhancing your car's looks and performance while protecting it from extreme weather and harsh environments. Let's look closer at Ceramic Coating, and how it can benefit your car.

The Newest in Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating, a groundbreaking new paint protection technology has had a positive effect on businesses around the globe. Therefore, it's important for your vehicle. Ceramic Coating can be used to protect your vehicle from damage. It is a complete way to paint cars that will make your dream come true. Ceramic Coating for Vehicles - Learn about why it's a great choice for your car, truck, or SUV.

Cougar Boats was a professional boat-maker who invented ceramic coating. They have been improving their resin coatings ever since Bill Morgan, a Southern California-based boat maker, founded them in 1983. They are now well-known among boat owners and boat makers alike, having been able to demonstrate their products over time.

How Ceramic Paint Coatings Are Made

Ceramic paint coatings are easy to apply directly to your vehicle's exterior paint. This is similar in function to a clearcoat. The difference lies in how it is made. Ceramic coatings (also called whitewall) contain 100 percent ceramic. This is unlike automotive clearcoats which are made of silicones or other polymers. They stick to the vehicle's paint and don’t alter its surface. They leave your car cleaner and more pristine than ever. They are also UV-resistant and repel 95 percent of UV radiation.

Because less dirt sticks, protection properties are stronger. What's more? What's more? Ceramic coatings are extremely scratch-resistant, so most drivers won't need wax after they have been applied.

Ceramic Paint Coatings, Vs. Waxes and Polishes

You can wipe traditional car care products off your car as you drive. This can cause damage to your car's paint, including scratches and other contaminants. These contaminants will not be protected by wax. When wax dries, it forms a sealant that protects painted surfaces. While wax initially protects your paint finish, it eventually begins to wear off and will need to be applied again. Studies have shown that contaminants trapped within wax layers can cause scratches.

Ceramic Pro Coatings. What are they? Ceramic pro coatings can be a better option than regular polishes and waxes. They don't contain any oils or fillers, can provide protection for up 2 years, and can be reused again and again. They don't stick to paint and can be easily removed using standard cleaners as well as aggressive compounds. Professional detailers don't have to use them to restore shine.

The many benefits of ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings are stronger and more resistant to corrosion than traditional painting, which clear coats simply cannot match. Ceramic paints are capable of self-healing. This means they can repair small surface damages without needing to be painted again.

Ceramic-coated cars can last for longer than those that are not coated. This is an enormous benefit for those who live near harsh winter conditions. Ceramic coatings also cost less than modern automotive painting technology. They are not susceptible to peeling or fading like other topcoats. Ceramic Coating Bend Oregon pros offer safety for both passengers and occupants.

What sets them apart?

Ceramic coatings are today’s paint protector films. These coatings are more technologically advanced that the old films. Ceramic coatings have higher resistance to acid rain and bugs because they contain more glasses. Ceramic coatings provide greater scratch resistance and elasticity due to their thicker, elastic films.

Ceramic coatings can withstand more damage than other types of paint protection films. These coatings keep static charges away from your car's exterior. This is especially important for winter months when bird droppings can stick onto your car. Ceramic coatings can be lighter than old paint protection films. They are also less rigid and difficult to apply. It is easy to apply by professional auto detailers.

The Sun Wants Your Car Look Old

Your car is under attack. Your car is continually under attack by the sun as well as acid rain and bird droppings.

All this damage can leave your car looking old and dingy. Ceramic Coating offers a solution.

Ceramic Coating is a thin coating on your car's exterior that protects it from the elements. It usually covers only a few microns of its paint. It protects the finish against any elements that could cause damage.

It acts in the same way ceramic nonstick cooking saucepans. It protects the metal underneath, so the food won’t stick to it. It's self-cleaning. It's the exact same thing as what you use on your car’s paint.

Ceramic coating makes cars look more modern and lasts longer.

If you are a car owner, or an enthusiast about cars, you will know the importance to protect your investment. Wax was for a long period the only viable option. It is still the best. Unfortunately, wax is not durable and is not worth the price.

Ceramic coatings can now be purchased. Ceramic coatings, which are transparent protective layers, form molecular links to your car’s factory finish paint. These coatings are based upon nanotechnology and offer exceptional scratch resistance as well self-cleaning properties. These coatings also have a hydrophobic property which means that dirt and grime won’t stick to them as fast as regular paint. This allows for cleaner cars that can be kept clean for longer periods without needing to be washed as often.

Ceramic Coating your car will last longer than any of the other options. Ceramic Coating your car will increase its durability and value.

Vehicle compatibilities

Ceramic coatings can also be applied to many surfaces and compatible with all cars. Ceramic coatings can also be used on plastic, metal, or glass. There are many types of ceramic coatings available, and you will be able to transform your vehicle with the one that suits you best. Ceramic Coating can be used on any car and has been adopted quickly by the automotive industry all over the world. Ceramic Coating is like an invisible armor that lasts for many years. Ceramic coatings can be removed easily after a few weeks, but they last longer than most other treatments.

Inorganic coatings of ceramic won't cause damage to your car's exterior paint.

Ceramic coatings are an excellent alternative to waxes and sealants. Ceramic coatings are durable for up to 2 years. Wax and sealants can be tossed out in a matter of months but they last two years.

Ceramic Coatings can cost between $500 and $1,000 per vehicle, for one application. It may seem costly, but consider the cost involved in detailing your car. Before the ceramic Coating starts to wear, you need to describe the car at least 10 times before it becomes profitable.

Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle's color from ultraviolet rays which can fade or discolor it. They protect against water spots, minerals deposits, and hardwater damage.

The Best Car Ceramic Coating

It's important to consider the differences between ceramic coats for your car. Some coatings offer greater protection, while others are easier and quicker to apply. Some coatings are easier to maintain than others.

For comparison purposes, here are some questions you might ask: How long does the ceramic coating last? Is there an annual maintenance schedule for reapplication of the ceramic coating?

Best Ceramic Coating Services in Bend

For Bend Oregon Ceramic Coating professionals, contact us. You can improve your vehicle's factory appearance by applying a variety of ceramic coatings. Coatings make your vehicle shine and protect it from scratches and other damage. We can assist you with any detail requirements. Do not waste time searching for "Best Ceramic Coating near You" or "Bend Ceramic Coating Services". Let industry professionals handle your work by calling us today.

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