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How to Tint Your Windows on Your Car in Florida

Aug 8

Window tinting can keep your car cool, protect interior surfaces, and provide privacy. Learn how to tint your car windows yourself.

Tinting windows in your vehicle adds style, reduces the sun glare, and helps keep interiors cool. Tinting blocks 99 percent of UV radiation (UV) and filters 90 per cent of the sun's Infrared radiation. This protects interior surfaces from harmful sunlight and makes your air conditioner more efficient.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you reduce your exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This is a great way to protect yourself from skin cancer. Learn how to make window tint film at home, and save hundreds of dollars.

Table of Contents

What is Car Window Tinting?

What are the Different Types Of Window Tints?

There are a few things to consider when choosing window tint

How to Tint Car Windows


Get ready for Windows

Tint Film Size

Use the Tint Film


Photo of a sports car with tinted windows
Sports car that had its windows tinted by MCG Mobile Window Tinting

What is Car Window Tinting?

Window tinting refers to a plastic film that is applied to the windows of your vehicle. It darkens the glass. This reduces Visible Light Transference, or the amount visible light passing through glass. VLT is the metric used to rate tints. The greater the VLT percentage/number, it allows in more VL.

Tinted glass is standard on nearly every American vehicle. It is important to compensate your state's factory VLT for tinting before you add aftermarket window tint. Before deciding on the VLT percentage, it is important to understand the laws of your state.

What are the Different Types Of Window Tints?

There are many types of them, each with its own characteristics, features and properties.

  • Dye Window Tint

    Mostly used for privacy and appearance.

  • Metalized

    Window Tint
    Embedded metallic particles that reflect heat or UV radiation.

  • Hybrid

    Window Tint
    Combines the best qualities of metalized and dyed tints.

  • Carbon Window Tint

    The micro layers of carbon and polymer reduce UV and IR.

  • Ceramic Window Tint

    The highest quality and most technologically advanced color available.

Window tint can be purchased pre-cut to fit your vehicle or cut from a roll.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Window Tint

Before you choose the type of VLT percentage, think about safety, motivation and most importantly your state's tint laws.

  • Visibility can be affected by windows that are too dark, especially at night.
  • The life expectancy of carpets, seats, trim, and dash pads is extended by blocking UV rays.
  • Cooler interiors decrease the need for air conditioning, which in turn increases fuel economy.
  • Tinted windows can enhance your vehicle's appearance and add visual appeal.
  • Tinted windows provide privacy.

Tinting Car Windows

Window tint should be installed in a dry, shaded and dust-free place. A garage is the best option. Don't rush and be patient. Follow all instructions carefully to complete the job correctly. Each side window may require window film to be installed correctly. It can take up to 30 minutes.

To keep your hands clean, use soapy water. When installing the film, don't wrinkle it. It is a good idea to have an extra pair of hands.


Before you begin the installation, make sure you have everything that you need. You might consider purchasing an affordable installation kit, which includes many of the items below.

Prepare Windows

Never use commercial glass cleaners or ones with ammonia. They can change the tint's color.

To remove dirt and dust, vacuum the interior. Use the soapy water to thoroughly clean the windows. To clean the top of glass, lower the window and then open it. The window should be re-wetted. You can use the razor scraper for any dirt, grime, or sticker residue.

Clean all areas around the trim, gaskets, seals, and other places that might be harboring dirt or grime. Use the squeegee to dry the glass. To dry the trim and seals of your windows, wrap a cloth around your squeezegee.

Size the Tint Film

It is important to identify which side has adhesive. The adhesive liner should not be removed. This step is not for installing tint. Instead, use the outside of your glass as a template. Start at the passenger's front-side window.

  • Use soapy water to clean the outside glass.
  • Roll the tint.
  • Place the adhesive side in front of you. Leave plenty of excess overhang. Cover the entire window.
  • This piece can be cut from the roll.
  • To temporarily hold the tint in place, gently press the tint onto the window.
  • Cut the film to a manageable size.
  • Use the tint squeegee to smoothen the film.
  • You can hold the film in place using a squeegee, or your hand.
  • Use the window seals to guide you. Next, use the precision knife to cut along the back side of the glass.
    • Pro tip Use only enough pressure to cut the film at a low angle.
  • The film should be pulled back so that it overlaps the back of your window (the edge you just cut) by 1/2 inch.
  • Cut the film's front straight side (the section near the sideview mirror).
  • The film should be 1/4 inch in center. Additional film should be added at the back and front of the glass.
  • Keep the film down until it is one inch below the bottom of your glass.
  • Be sure to wet the bottom of your film before lifting it from the glass/body.
  • Reduce the window by one inch
  • Use the tint squeegee to smoothen the film.
  • Use the glass to cut the film's top edge.
  • You can leave the 1 inch excess at the bottom of your glass. Then, remove any extra film from the front or back of the glass.
  • Smoothen any wrinkles or corners.

Use the Tint Film

  • Completely clean and dry the interior of the window, including all trims and seals. The film will bubble if there is dirt or dust left behind.
  • Use soapy water to clean the inside of the glass.
  • Before removing the film from outside windows, remove the adhesive backing.
    • Tip: Spraying adhesive with soapy water will allow the film to slide into place more easily.
  • After the window has been lowered by one inch, remove the film carefully from the outside.
  • Use the wet adhesive side to adhere the glass.
    • Tip: Roll up the bottom edge before applying the film to prevent dirt from getting into the adhesive.
  • Spray the film with a spray and slide it into place.
  • Place the film in the center and allow it to hang about 1/16 inch. Allow for at least 1/16-in space between the window and the top.
  • To push water and air bubbles out of the sides and top, work towards the edges and the top with the tint squeegee.
  • Lift the window.
  • Spray the bottom of both the film and the glass.
  • Use the tint squeegee again to remove all water and air bubbles under the film.
  • Use the applicator or squeegee to carefully place the film's edges under the window seals.
  • Spray the film continuously to prevent tears.
    • Tip: A heat gun is a great tool to remove water bubbles and excess water from the film. It can also be used to stretch the film so it fits properly in curved windows. Do not heat the film too closely or leave it on for too long. The film can be damaged if you use too much heat.
  • After drying the film, use a microfiber cloth to dry it.

For each window, repeat these steps. After the adhesive has fully cured, do not lower the windows for seven to ten days.

These were the step-by-step instructions for how to apply window tinting to your own windows professionally. Need some extra help tinting your windows or need a professional window tinting company to tint your windows? Here is our recommendation: MCG Mobile Window Tinting

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