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Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center: What Sizes Do They Buy?

Mar 8

Plato's Closet is a consignment store that buys and sells gently used clothes and accessories. The Whaley Center is an establishment in Fayetteville North Carolina. What size is it?

1) Plato's Closet at The Whaley Center – What Sizes Are They Afraid of?

Are you fed up of wearing clothes that no longer are comfortable? Or, are you just looking to make money? In any case, Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center is the place for you! They sell stylish, gently used clothing and accessories for guys and girls.

Here's what you should be aware of prior to your trip:

What sizes do they buy?

Plato's Closet-The Whaley Center offers clothing for girls and boys in sizes 0-3X.

What Brands Do They Buy?

They buy only the most current fashion-forward clothes and accessories from name brands. The brands they usually purchase are American Eagle, Forever 21, Hollister, Nike, and Adidas.

What kind of clothing do they choose to purchase?

They purchase casual and formal clothing and shoes, purses, and jewelry.

What are the Buying Hours?

Their buying hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 12pm-6pm.

What is the maximum I Can Expect to Earn?

They usually offer 30 to 50% of the price they sell the items they buy from you.

What are their payment methods?

They take cash, as well as debit or credit cards.

Additional Tips

- Make sure your clothes are clean and free of stains, holes and tears.

Make sure to visit their website for their current list of items they are looking for.

- Bring along a photo ID when you go to sell them your items.

2.) Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center - Size Requirements

Plato's Closet can help you clear out your closet and also earn you extra cash. Before you go to the shop, you should consider looking into their size requirements.

Here's a brief overview of the requirements for size in Plato's Closet at the Whaley Center:

- They buy clothes for both men and women in sizes 0-20 (XXS-3XL).

They can purchase shoes in sizes 5-12 for both women and men.

They buy accessories and bags of all sizes.

So , whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, you can sell your clothes at Plato's. Plato's Closet will also take your shoes and accessories when they have them. Therefore, clean your closet and head to Plato's Closet to get some cash for your clothes!

3) Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center - How to Shop

If you are shopping at Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center, it is important to know what sizes they offer. You will be able to shop at Plato's Clothes - The Whaley Center with confidence knowing the sizes they buy. Here's a useful guide to the sizes Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center buys:

The Plato's Closet at the Whaley Center purchases clothing for women in sizes 0-16 as well as clothing for males in sizes 28-40. They also sell plus size clothes for women in sizes 18-24, and men's clothes in sizes 42-56. They also sell juniors' clothes in sizes 0-13 and girls' clothing from sizes 7-16.

Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center is a clothing shop that is focused on the latest fashions. This means that they might not offer the exact size that you are searching for in their the stock. However, they typically offer a wide range of sizes to pick from.

If you're not sure the right size for you, Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center has a helpful size chart that you can refer to. This chart can help you find the perfect size clothing for you. In addition, the staff of Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center is always happy to help you find the appropriate size clothes.

Plato's Clothes-The Whaley Center is a clothing store that focuses on the current trends. They might not have the exact size you require in their inventory. However, they typically offer a wide selection of sizes to choose from.

Plato's Closet at The Whaley Center offers the size chart that will help you decide the appropriate size. The chart can help you determine the appropriate size clothing to fit your body shape. Plato's Closet – The Whaley Center staff is always willing to assist you in getting the proper size clothes.

Plato's Closet at The Whaley Center – What to Bring

Assuming you're talking about the Plato's Closet in Syracuse, NY:

The Whaley Center Plato's Closet sells clothes for girls and boys. While the shop isn't huge, they stock a wide selection of clothing. Additionally, you will find an array of accessories such as belts, wallets and other jewelry.

Plato's Closet has clothes for every body type. They have clothes for tall people, small people, thin people, and plus-size people. They also stock a wide range of styles of clothing and you're bound to find something that you love.

Plato's Closet can help you sell your clothes. Plato's Closet will pay you store credit or cash for your clothes and is always in search of new items to fill their inventory.

If you're looking for a place to buy or sell your clothes Plato's Clothes is an excellent place to check out. They offer a broad assortment of clothing that can be worn by different body types and styles and they're always seeking new items to add to their inventory.

5) Plato's closet--The Whaley Center - What to Expect

It is crucial to understand the size of the customers you are selling clothes at Plato's Closet- The Whaley Center. In this way, you will be able to bring in clothes that are more likely to sell. Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center purchases both men's and women's clothing, but there are different size requirements for each.

Plato's Closet-The Whaley Center purchases women's clothing in sizes 0-3X. They are particularly looking for sizes 0-5/6, 14/16, but they will take all sizes. They buy clothes in sizes from S-3XL, which is for men's clothing. They are particularly attracted by sizes 32 and above however, they are willing to accept any size.

Plato's Closet - The Whaley Center has other requirements apart from the size. The store also has guidelines regarding the kind of clothing they accept. They will only accept clothes that are less than two years old and fashionable. They do not also accept clothes with holes, stains, or excessive wear.

Bring in any clothing that meet these requirements and in sizes for which Plato's Closet-The Whaley Center is interested.

Phone      +19108676822

Address 4544 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303, United States