Apple Watch Series 6 Secrets



I really think you guys are going to be super surprised at the apple watch series six because there are some awesome features ,like ,sleep ,tracking creating emojis.
and if they shortcuts and even more that will blow your mind and also don’t forget to stay until the end.
because i have some free watch papers and a little something to give away to you guys so let’s get into .it.
a radical feature that is already activated on your wrist is serious left to .speak.

So, if you ever want to set a reminder or know how to spell something like nifty then all you do is lift your wrist and say ,how ,do ,you ,spell nifty.
i f t y now let’s just say you’re out and about and you hear an amazing song well if you already have the shazam app you can just open it up on your apple watch and .then.

Hit the shazam icon the apple open tap the shazam icon again and your watch will start listening to the music in a couple of seconds it’ll identify what’s on this playing and display it on your .watch.

Another cool thing is it did you know you can science incoming calls from your watch just by taking the palm of your hand and placing it on your watch screen instantly your watch will stop ringing but it doesn’t decline the calls.

It’s simply muted and this is great for meetings movies and other scenarios ,which ,is ,super nifty.
this is a really fun and funky feature that you can do on new series six by hitting on the uber to the app menu and clicking on ,the memoji icon.
you will find audio currently modules that you’ve already made but if you click on the plus icon you can create a memoji right on your watch you can select all the various different features from hair color to lip color you name .

And then if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will see this option that says create watch face once you click that your beautiful new memoji will be your new watch face and what’s even more awesome is they are animated you also have the option to ,change ,it from a custom.
emoji to ones that apple have already created like the octopus or giraffe you can also change the background color but as mentioned once you are done no emoji watch face is super animated and it is so funny to see the different ,things ,that they.

Now this has been around for a while but in case you didn’t know you can actually control your phone’s camera using your watch you just head into the app menu and click on the camera icon.

Then check this out your phone’s camera opens up then you can use the crown to zoom in and out which toggles between the various lenses but if you click on these three little dust you have even more camera settings that you can .change.
right on your watch  like even changing from the back camera to the selfie cam.

I absolutely love this feature and it’s turning your apple watch into a bedside alarm clock it is so simple to do you just head them over to the watch app and scroll down until.

In there you just go to scroll down a little more until you see bedside mode talk of that on and you’re done in future now when you go to charge your apple watch it’ll turn into a bedside clock.

Click on this icon you can see your watch’s battery percentage and when your watch goes to sleep if you knock on the table it’ll just wake your watch up and display the clock again not only that it also works horizontally so the ,watch ,is ,orientation will change.
when you charted horizontally as .well.

Shortcuts is also super new and finally available on the apple watch if you click on the shortcuts app you’ll see all your available shortcuts that you’ve created and you’ll be so surprised at how useful it is having these shortcuts on your watch.

To create them just head on over to the apple watch holder in your shortcuts app and you can take on this plus icon to create your own or go to the gallery to see a bunch of different ones that apple have already pre made.

There are tons to choose from for example this toothbrushing timer once you validate it to your iphone of the bam it’ll appear on your apple watch and if you tap on it it will run through the sequence to get you started on that toothbrushing timer.

I’m just so glad shortcuts is now available on the apple watch it is beyond the useful.

What are you looking for now something i really love about the series six is it has a faster charging so with the series five it takes up to two and a half hours to fully charge.

With the series six it only takes up to one and a half hours to be fully charged which of course is a huge improvement and saves on ,a ,lot of time.

Another really smart feature that apple added to the wash is a hand washing timer under settings you just click on this hand washing icon make sure the hand washing timer is on and then the crazy thing is when you go to wash your hands.

You watch will automatically start a hand washing timer and count you through it then this is also a new app on the apple watch and it is the breed application and what you do once you open it up.

Decide how much time you want to just quickly set aside to run through a super simple breathing exercise once you take a start back and your watch will start vibrating and give instructions to inhale an exhale this is a great little ,app ,definitely ,check it out.

Another amazing feature that you definitely need to know about in case you didn’t is walkie talkie so you just had to go back to the watch menu then make sure you click on that little bit of the other icon.
Once you’ve added your friends you’ll be able to chat to them which of ,course is so cool.
that’s right you can track your sleeping habits and goals just by going to the sleep application in your apple watch menu what certificate is you can change a bunch of settings right from your watch like toddling on your sleep schedule.

Then deciding on the time you want to wake up and go to bed you can even set a sleep goal which is super important and on top of that a wind down time so your watch will actually give you a notification thirty minutes .before.

You’re supposed to go to bed then once everything is set up you can check out the metrics in the health application on your iphone right under the sleep option here you can see how many hours you roughly slept as well as your heart rate throughout the night ,and ,a ,bunch ,of .other.
data all to do with your sleeping you can also change any settings in here if you want just to make life a bit easier so if you’ve ever wanted to track your sleep now you know how.

Your watch face is probably the most important part when it comes to your watch and here’s how you make the best one you ever had go ahead and add a new watch face called infographic modular.
This is what it looks like at first but if you click and hold down and then select the edit buttons here is where we can customize things like crazy first up you can decide on what colors you want.

You can start to check out the complications and there are some new ones in here as well as a ton of other different ones to choose from so i went ahead and selected the calculator you definitely want to select complications that you find the most useful and ,use ,all ,the time.
so that when you’re done you have the most practical watch face you’ve ever had i added a spotify one so i can quick and easily toggle through my music then on the top left hand side i added a contact which i can quick and easily call of course as ,you saw i also added ,the ,calculators ,so ,when .i’m.
out and about i can calculate anything on top of that you can share this watch face with a friend just by clicking on that share icon there are already some suggested messages you can choose from like check out this .watch.

Then you just go ahead and add a contact and scroll down click the send button and then your friend will have the exact same one.
Definitely an amazing feature with the series six is you can now measure your blood oxygen levels on your wrist in a couple of seconds to do this head ,on ,over ,to ,the .watches.

Click on this little circle icon right over there make sure your super still and your watch face is facing up and then after fifty seconds you’ll have your reading another thing that is so cool is it stoles all that data on the health app in your iphone.
so if he ever wants a record other blood oxygen levels then you know where to find it.

Finally i have some free wallpapers for you guys that you can add to your watch by heading on over to the face gallery and scrolling down until you see the option.
photos tap on that and then once and then click on photos again and here’s where you will add the watch papers that you downloaded from my website i’ll have a link in my description box for you guys to check out that ,are ,completely free.

So, check out your new watch papers if you also tap on your watch face it’ll change the watch paper every single time or if you can just rotate your wrist like this i really hope you guys love these and don’t forget to check out the ,link ,in ,my description.
So for some of my lucky subscribers if you want to win a gift card then all you have to do is try ,out ,some ,of ,these codes.
if you enjoyed this video and you want some more awesome tips and tricks then don’t forget to like and subscribe or you can check out some of my other videos right over here but i will see you in the next one.

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