Typically it’s onerous to kind out the details from the fiction.  So when the teaser was intermingled within the press launch for a brand new F1-50 plant nobody was certain what to do with it.  Is that this REALLY the brand new F-150 or only a idea?  That line has been endlessly blurred by the radivcal Cybertruck design making it to manufacturing so that you by no means know.

That is what we do know for certain:

The picture was leaked by a Ryan Mamanus the Technique Design boss from the D-Ford Palo Alto workplace.

The workplace homes about 40 individuals so could be the proper dimension for a skunkworks.

We do not have a clue but if it’s a prototype or the actual factor however it could rattle the competitors it was certainly a remaining idea.

Ford not too long ago parted methods with Rivian after Covid-19 killed off the Lincoln EV SUV and this is perhaps the offspring of these efforts.

So what do you assume?