Once you have left the dealership with your new electric vehicle, a charging station is essential. Though they may be better for the environment, electric vehicles are a lot to maintain. A charging station will help with some of that maintenance, as you can have one installed at your own home. The stations come in two levels. Level 1 has 120-volt and can charge your vehicle in 6 to 8 hours. However, Level 2 are connected to an electrical circuit rather than an outlet to allow multiple electrical vehicles to charge at once, and take 3 to 4 hours to fully charge.

While most people think that electrical vehicles, they automatically think of vehicles that run solely on electricity. However, there are different types of electric vehicles. One that is powered on electricity alone, and another that is powered by both electricity and gasoline.

If you would like to install a charging station for your electric vehicle at your home, you will need to go over a couple of factors. These factors include the capacity of your home’s electrical panel, the number of amps your vehicle will use when charging, and what the costs will be to change the wiring of your home. Having a  EV charging station at your home is beneficial for many reasons. It saves the cost of having to charge at a shared station, and it’s also the safest option as it will keep your mind at ease while charging knowing your vehicle is safe at your home.

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