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How to add 2 clocks of Different Timezone to your Android Homescreen and Lockscreen #secondclock

May 7

How to add 2 clocks of Different Timezone to your Android Homescreen and Lockscreen #secondclock



Friends , in this video we will know Instead of showing 1 timezone in our phone clock how can we set 2 clocks of different timezone of different country on our phone home screen & lock screen When we come to abroad we need time of that country as well as our country . so by using this technique you can add the time zone of that country and own country at some place for this you don't have to carry a costly watch or two phones . you can do it in a single phone and interesting part is this setting is already available in your android phone . you have to enable it only . then 2 clocks will be added to your home screen and lock screen in this video i will tell about this trick my name is babilan pradhan you are watching break time tech , let's break the technology Now you can see there is no clock screen in our homescreen First we have to add a clock here Tap the home screen for some time here in the widget option choose any clock After that you can see there is a clock is added to our screen click on DONE Now here we have to add 2 clock of different different country this clock is showing the Indian standard Time .


And we will add for another country First go to setting click on additional setting click date and time then scrool the screen down there is a option named Dual clock now we will enable it Then we will choose the region or country that we needed we can also choose the world cup country time zone so here we choose Bangladesh Next here we can see 2 clocks are added to our screen one is of Odisha , India and anouther is of Dhaka , Bangladesh 5:08 in India 8:38 in Dhaka In this way you can add 2 clocks in your home screen and lock screen in your android device .



please comment me how is this tricks for you and subscribe my channel Instagram and Twitter's link in the Description Visit my website for more tricks and tips That is it for this video . see you again in next video till then watch Youtube and my Channel BreakTimeTech . Thank You ..

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