Your car is an expensive asset, and you should take care of it. However, sometimes the glass in Katy, TX gets damaged, and you either need to repair or replace it. Deciding between repair and replacement Katy can sometimes be tricky. If you try DIY, you can make the situation worse, especially if you lack the skills. If you aren’t sure, you should hire a reputable technician to decide whether your vehicle’s glass damage requires a repair or auto glass replacement, Katy. Below are ways to help you determine if you should either replace or repair your vehicle’s glass.

Check Your Insurance Contracts

Replacing or repairing a vehicle’s glass depends on the auto glass Katy company, location, vehicle type, and insurance contract. If you don’t have auto insurance, the replacement services can be expensive and exceed your budget. Hence, it would help if you opted for cheaper repair services. However, replacing your car’s windshield replacement Katy or window could be more affordable than you imagined if you have auto insurance.

Consider the Glass Visibility

Sometimes damages occur on the windshield in front of the windshield and the wipers area. A crack on the windshield reduces the visibility, especially if it’s around the driver’s line of sight. Repairing such damages doesn’t fix the visibility, and driving with such a windshield is dangerous. Therefore, you should be prepared for mobile windshield replacement Katy services.  

Measure the Crack

Sometimes your mobile windshield replacement Katy or mirrors can crack when hit by debris or after an accident. The crack can be shorter or longer. A short crack, less than six inches, requires repair, and you can get back on the road. However, a crack larger than six inches can be a waste of time. Thus, an experienced technician suggests a replacement.

Look at the Condition of the Windshield’s Edges

The edges of the car windshield replacement Katy should be uncompromised to keep the windshield in place. If the edges get cracked, the structure of the windshield will replace Katy. Repairing such damages isn’t advisable because you’ll need to hire a technician again sooner, and it’s a waste of money. Thus, it would be best if you considered replacing your car’s glass.

Check the Rock Chips Depth

If the chips have damaged the exterior layer of the windshield, auto glass replacement Katy is the best option. However, if the depth reaches the interior layer, auto glass replacement Katy is what you should go for.

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