Spoiler: No Spoilers Were Damaged

Leaving Earth for a few seconds makes you reevaluate the choices you just made. We recommend doing it in a car or truck you don’t love anymore, preferably one the bank doesn’t care about either. But Street Speed 717 does it differently. His latest upload does it a bit differently as he jumps his Lamborghini Urus over his Aventador. Its not just about getting up to speed, you have to choose the correct Urus driving mode.

Looking merely at their specs, both are AWD and this slice of his collection has 1,260 lb-ft of torque and 1,260 horsepower. Everyone needs the choice of twin-turbo V8 or naturally-aspirated V12, with rear-wheel steering for both. This video also answers the question of what an Urus sounds like with straight pipes. We approve of his exhaust but we can’t condone such dangerous acts, especially on a farm. Tell us which Lamborghini you prefer in the comments below!

Image (C) Street Speed 717