Manthey-Racing is best known as the Denmark-based racing team dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line performance add-ons to iconic Porsche platforms like the 911 GT2 RS. The brand’s loyalty to the German automobile manufacturer since its entrance to Porsche Motorsport has resulted in anniversary-inspired apparel collaboration. Manthey-Racing and Porsche are proud to announce the release of the Heritage Collection, featuring an array of clothing dedicated to capturing the milestone of the performance-packed 25-year partnership. Inside the Manthey-Racing Heritage Collection, a wide selection of polos and graphic t-shirts feature logos and designs of the fastest Manthey-Racing Porsches to ever hit the track. The collection is available in children’s sizes as well, ensuring the perfect racing gear for the whole family. Celebrate the Manthey-Racing 25th Anniversary with the all-new Heritage Collection, available through the Manthey-Racing website.

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