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Oct 23

With the statement released by the Microsoft group of companies, the time that the Microsoft Teams application was launched by the company, it was clearly stated by the esteemed organisation that this application was built on a Microsoft 365 Cloud and the secure cloud environment helps in securing and protection of the PHI adhering to the security requirements according to the guidelines which have been set by HIPAA. If Microsoft is to be believed then there should be no issues with Microsoft teams HIPAA compliance. Furthermore, in the statements that were released by the company, they stated that the company had invested in building all of their cloud applications keeping in mind the White Paper guidelines that are intricately related to the HIPAA guidelines.

Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliance

The cloud applications made by Microsoft are built following HIPAA and other technical security measures which cover security, privacy and compliance-related guidelines. Besides, following the compliance guidelines which are laid down by the company itself, the company also makes sure that the applications that operate in a secure cloud extension. Therefore, as per the makers of the Microsoft Teams, here are a few benefits of using the application which also proves Microsoft teams HIPAA compliance and the benefits are:

●    The Microsoft Teams ensure that the PHI information shared by using this application remains confidential and also the application holds up the virtue of protecting the PHI which is shared through this application.

●     The Microsoft Teams are built in such a way that it is capable of securing the shared PHI from potential cybersecurity threats. Besides securing the PHI, the application is built in such a way that it ensures that the information shared through it is well encrypted.

●    Microsoft Teams also protects against unauthorised usage of the application. This also makes the application HIPAA compliant. The user has to have a unique ID and password to use the application. Last but not least, the workforce in Microsoft Organisation who are working as the support helpdesk for the teams are certified for HIPAA compliance.

How to enable Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliance?

You need the best managed IT service to enable the Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliance. Besides health service providing organisations who want to use Microsoft Teams for sharing PHI related information has to sign a Business Associate Agreement with Microsoft. After signing the BAA with Microsoft, healthcare organisations need to have the best managed IT services to configure the Teams so that there is no violation of HIPAA compliance.