Mondo Machining: This Video Exhibits Milling and Turning Processes And We Might Watch It All Day

Mondo Machining: This Video Shows Milling and Turning Processes And We Could Watch It All Day

Know that deal round Christmas time when there’s a channel you’ll be able to flip on and watch nothing however a burning Yuletide Log all day? There must be a gearhead model of that which might go 365 days a yr and easy present machining operations taking place. This video is proof of the idea as a result of we assure that after you press play, you’ll be as enthralled as we had been after we began watching. This isn’t an extended video and it’s busted up into sections which present a couple of various things being labored on. We notably just like the crane hook being completed.

Machining is among the most essential issues that mankind has developed over time. From the making of cannon to the creation of machines like piston engines, generators, and principally all the opposite stuff that we have a look at, contact, and work together with every day, the concept of taking a big piece of metallic and making it precisely the dimensions and form essential to suit the applying makes the fashionable world attainable.

All it’s a must to do is press play under and watch the chips fly. It’s stress-free, cool, and spectacular. It’s the gearhead’s Yuletide Log channel at Christmas time…in August!

Press play under to see this finally satisfying video exhibiting giant scale machining –