The Polestar 2 has an uncommon physique fashion: a notchback sedan that is been barely lifted. Somebody in all probability calls it a crossover as a result of advertising, however regardless of the physique fashion in whole is, Polestar Half Deux has a trunk coated by a liftback that encompasses each the vestigial “third-box” of a trunk lid and the rear glass. It is what an Audi A7, Kia Stinger or any variety of European “5-door” sedans have. 

In keeping with the specs, that trunk has 14.Three cubic-feet of quantity, which is not that nice for a 5-door. The Audi A5 Sportback has 21.eight cubic-feet; the Stinger has 23.3. Though I’ve luggage tested varied hatchbacks and crossover-coupe issues (together with the Mustang Mach-E and E-Tron Sportback), that is the primary notchback/5-door sedan I’ve accomplished, so we’ll simply must make do with out apples-to-apples right here.

Yep, it is a trunk. However earlier than I begin piling within the baggage, lets check out two key options.

First, this helpful pop-up partition makes the cross-Gothenburg bounce from Volvo to Polestar. It is a sensible resolution to forestall groceries from flying throughout your trunk.

One thing else that is likely to be helpful in that endeavour …

Lifting up the ground panel reveals a surprisingly great amount of bonus area, extra so than what you may discover within the E-Tron and Mach-E. It is roughly the scale of this duffle bag, so from right here on out, add this man to no matter quantity I will stuff in facet.

Talking of which, as in every luggage test I do, I take advantage of two midsize curler suitcases that will should be checked in on the airport (26 inches lengthy, 16 extensive, 11 deep), two roll-aboard suitcases that simply barely match within the overhead (24L x 15W x 10D), and one smaller roll-aboard that matches simply (23L x 15W x 10D). I additionally embrace my spouse’s fancy in a single day bag simply to spruce issues up a bit (21L x 12W x 12D). The blue duffle bag and the small, black, triangular-ish carry-on are bonus ones I take advantage of at occasions to fill in blanks (or fill extra-small areas just like the Polestar 2‘s trunk gap).

This is the most effective I might do with the inflexible cargo cowl in place: all however the greatest curler bag. 4 do match width-wise, although, which is healthier than the Cadillacs CT4 and CT5 can handle. 

Right here is that cargo cowl. It is a typical inflexible hatchback piece that you will have to have the forethought to take away earlier than max capability can be utilized. It is the dreaded situation of, “I am choosing folks up on the airport, they usually have far more stuff than I anticipated” (or for those who favor the choice, “I am choosing folks up on the airport, and I forgot to take away the rattling cargo cowl.”

As soon as once more, let’s give a shout-out to the Mustang Mach-E for its simple and effective solution to this drawback. 

So right here it’s maxed out. One of many medium luggage and fancy bag could not match, however the little black triangle bag and the blue duffle bag can fill within the blanks. Plus there’s that different blue duffle bag hidden beneath.

That is lower than you’d anticipate from a 14.3-cubic-foot trunk, however remember, that quantity goes to the roof/glass in a notchback/5-door just like the Polestar 2. You may theoretically use the additional “air area,” significantly for larger, bulkier objects, however stacking smaller objects atop the bags right here can be problematic for various causes. First, even the flamboyant bag was too massive to suit up there. Second, you may be blocking the view rearward, which I keep away from doing in these checks. Third, and most vital, you run the danger of one thing flying ahead into the cabin when braking. We must always all keep away from having that occur. 

Going again over some previous baggage checks of sedans, I would wager the usable trunk space is one thing like 12 cubic-feet, with bonus area above, beneath and …

… Within the frunk! It is fairly small up there, smaller actually than the underfloor storage in again. The little triangulish bag solely kinda match. In all probability greatest to simply stick the cost wire in there, or here is a thought … how about EV makers begin determining a option to put a space-saving spare up entrance? Persons are unlikely to make use of the frunk a lot, and it isn’t remarkable for automobiles to have their spares up entrance. I can consider the Yugo and unique Acura NSX as two extensively disparate examples.

And sure, automobiles ought to have spares. Run-flats are costly and ship problematic rides, cans of goo and air compressors are barely options, and do you actually wish to name and await AAA simply to change a tire?

Once more, only a thought. 

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