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The acclaimed automotive designer Walter De Silva revealed his re-imagination of the enduring Porsche 550 Spyder, a design examine referred to as the 550one, on his Instagram a couple of days in the past. I can’t stand idly by any longer.

De Silva shared three photos of the never-shown roadster from 2008 with a short word, saying that it was dubbed “Porsche 550one The Little Bastard.” De Silva additionally says the undertaking was “personally wished” by the person behind the VW empire’s brand-buying spree, Ferdinand Piëch, however that it was “by no means revealed to the general public.” He concludes by referring to 2 different designs that by no means reached manufacturing, saying, “See additionally: VW Bluesport/ Audi e tron coupe.”

It’s not solely clear why the automotive didn’t make it to manufacturing, or who made such a choice, however after seeing the photographs I feel leaving the undertaking unrealized was the appropriate resolution. It may very well be that just like the Bluesport talked about within the caption, this redesign and its subsequent loss of life are penalties of the Great Recession.

And positive, De Silva’s 550one impresses, however neither in the appropriate methods nor the appropriate angles. After we have a look at the automotive, it does evoke the 550 Spyder of the mid-1950s. The headlights are effective, correcting the fried-egg lights of earlier Porsches, and the sloping protrusions hint again to the unique 550. However the extra I have a look at it, the extra I sense an uneasy mosaic nature of the design. As a result of the design of late aughts didn’t graft effectively onto the unique.

There isn’t a cohesion. It’s an homage to the 550 from the A-pillar ahead, however as you hint again, it’s one other automotive altogether. What’s baffling is that it’s trustworthy to the older automotive, however at what price? And as you look nearer, beneath the headlights, the design turns into extra vague. The 550one tried to be a contemporary model of its namesake however finally ends up seeming not sure of itself.

Simply have a look at this rear-quarter view. Does that automotive reveal any relationship to the automotive you see while you have a look at the 550one head on? No. It doesn’t. This design disagrees with itself. It went out for espresso and got here house with tea.

Whereas a automotive’s re-imagining can get away with recalling earlier design cues, one which flatters its forebears an excessive amount of won’t ever be greater than a duplicate. And this redesign of the 550 appears indicative of a pattern that will take off within the late aughts and into the 2010s. It hinted that sharper traces and disjointed design had been coming, one thing we’ve lamented earlier than.

It’s not the worst redesign I’ve seen. That is Walter De Silva, in spite of everything. Nevertheless it looks like a mosaic that wished to conjure the 550, when it’s potential that the unique 550 Spyder’s spirit was really alive and effectively in one other Porsche. This one:

No, not that one. This different:

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Picture: Porsche AG

Individuals like to hate the first-gen Boxster S, most likely as a result of its headlights had been unlucky, but it surely adopted within the tire treads of the 550 Spyder. It’s not homage; it’s evolution. It’s actually a roadster with a boxer engine, a plank with sloping traces and no roof. There’s even an anniversary edition that Porsche designated as a “successor” to the 550, rightly so.

Most essential, the first-generation Boxster was a cohesive design, identical to the 550. It didn’t waver, and it didn’t attempt to be one thing it wasn’t. Subsequent to the unique Boxster, the 550one appears superfluous.