Quest 2 Casting to your TV or Phone | Oculus



This video is going to show you how you can bring spectators
in on the action, in seconds. (shouting) It’s called casting, and it let’s you take what you’re seeing on your headset and put it on a phone or a compatible TV. And it’s easy, like “two
buttons and you’re done” easy. All you need is your
headset, the Oculus app on a mobile phone, and
for the best experience, a TV equipped with a
compatible casting device. Yours might have one already built in. First step, it to make sure
your Oculus app is ready. So make sure you have your headset and your mobile phone on
the same wireless network. And there are two ways to begin casting: From the headset or from the app. Let’s see how to do it from
the player’s perspective.


From the Home menu, click Sharing, select Casting and then choose where you want to send your footage: To a phone or a TV. From the Oculus app, simply
click the Casting button in the top right corner,
and choose your destination. Then, you’ll get a confirmation message in your headset – you ready? – Yeah. – [Man] Check this out. – Yeah! – Oh hold up, quarter shot! He’s spiking! So that’s it, you just made
virtual reality social.



See you in VR..

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