Ram 1500 Floor Mat Recall Affects 186,000 Trucks
Chrysler recollects Ram 1500 pickups geared up with adjustable pedals.

A Ram 1500 flooring mat recall contains greater than 186,000 mannequin 12 months 2019-2020 Ram 1500 vehicles geared up with adjustable pedals.

Fiat Chrysler (FCA US) says the recall is critical as a result of the Ram 1500 adjustable pedals could also be in a location the place there is not sufficient clearance with the all-weather flooring mats.

Chrysler issued the Ram 1500 flooring mat recall following an investigation that was opened when a buyer stated the ground mat interfered with the accelerator pedal. The automaker believes just one p.c of the vehicles might expertise the issue.

Though FCA does not know of any crashes or accidents, flooring mats that intrude with pedals might trigger drivers severe issues.

Chrysler does emphasize the Ram 1500 vehicles are geared up with brake-throttle override expertise. Even when an accelerator pedal would get caught towards the ground, making use of the brakes will overcome simultaneous accelerator pedal software.

The Ram 1500 flooring mat recall contains greater than 160,000 vehicles within the U.S., almost 22,000 in Canada, 872 in Mexico and almost 3,200 Ram 1500s exterior North America.

Along with the recalled vehicles, Chrysler says greater than 43,000 all-weather flooring mats bought as aftermarket tools are recalled. These clients ought to deliver the ground mats to sellers for modifications till the mats are changed.

Chrysler says Ram 1500 truck homeowners will obtain recall notices however the automaker did not say when that can occur. Till then, truck homeowners are suggested to contact sellers so the ground mats might be modified till they’re changed with new mats.

If wanted, a truck proprietor ought to take away the all-weather flooring mats.

When you’ve got questions in regards to the Ram 1500 flooring mat recall, name Chrysler at 800-853-2002.

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