There are some elements in your automotive which might be needed for a lot of capabilities to work in any respect. The serpentine belt is one among them.

However how have you learnt if the serpentine belt went unhealthy?

On this article, you can find the commonest signs of a nasty serpentine belt, the placement, and the substitute value.

High 7 Unhealthy Serpentine Belt Signs

Because of the serpentine belt’s significance, there are lots of signs you might expertise when it goes unhealthy or snaps off.

The commonest signs of a nasty serpentine belt are warning lights, heavy steering, squealing sounds, overheating, or a stopped automotive engine.

Here’s a extra detailed listing of the 7 most typical signs of a nasty serpentine belt.

Keep in mind that your automotive might need two or extra serpentine belts, which may trigger some capabilities to work whereas some are usually not. Bear in mind to test all belts in the event you attempt to search for any indicators of damages.

1. Warning Lights on dashboard

Battery Alternator Light

The very first thing you imminently might expertise in case your serpentine belt is broken or utterly snapped off is warning lights in your dashboard. You’ll most certainly discover the battery gentle as a result of the serpentine belt powers the alternator, and if it stops, the warning gentle will seem.

You might also discover different warning lights like an influence steering warning gentle or hydraulic strain warning gentle.

2. Heavy steering

Heavy Steering

The serpentine belt in most automobiles powers the power steering pump. This may trigger the ability steering pump to cease working in case your serpentine belt snaps off utterly.

You’ll discover it as a result of the steering turns into actually heavy if it’s not working, so heavy that it might truly be harmful.

Most newer automobiles do have an electrical energy steering pump, although, and on this case, you’ll not discover heavy steering from a snapped serpentine belt.

3. Cracked serpentine belt

Cracked Serpentine Belt

Probably the most noticeable symptom of a nasty serpentine belt is that cracks begin to happen on the belt. You may typically see this straight by inspecting the belt. Some cracks would possibly occur fairly quick even when the belt isn’t utterly worn out, however it’s undoubtedly time to exchange it if it is filled with cracks.

4. Squealing sounds

Check Noise Under Hood E1609791600132

In case your serpentine belt isn’t snapped off but, however beginning to go unhealthy, you would possibly hear squealing noises from the belt. This does particularly happen when you’re placing a load on the belt, for instance, if you steer, so the ability steering pump has to work.

You may do that by beginning many digital shoppers like headlights, radio, heaters, and so on. By doing so, you’ll make the alternator work more durable, and in the event you hear even increased squealing, there may be one thing incorrect along with your belt.

Most newer automotive fashions have an computerized tensioner for the serpentine belt, however some older ones have a guide tensioner, which you might need to rigidity the belt to get it proper and cease squealing.

5. Air situation not working

No Cooling From Ac

The serpentine belt additionally powers the AC pump, and if the belt snaps, you would possibly discover that your automotive’s air situation stopped labored utterly.

The AC pump typically has its personal smaller serpentine belt for simply the AC pump in lots of automotive fashions, not in all of them, although. In case you have a separate belt for the AC pump and it fails, every little thing else would possibly work besides the air situation.

6. Overheating Cooling system

Overheating Engine On Road

A whole lot of automotive fashions have the water pump powered by the serpentine belt. This is applicable extra to older automotive fashions, however many new automobiles have their water pump powered by the serpentine belt, regardless that plenty of automotive fashions’ water pump is pushed by the timing belt or chain.

Nevertheless, if the serpentine belt drives your water pump and it snaps off, the coolant in your automotive will cease flowing, and your automotive engine will overheat very quick. That is deadly to your engine, and in the event you see that the temperature rises, it is best to cease imminently; in any other case, you threat damages like a nasty head gasket and even worse.

7. Automotive Engine Stops Utterly

Dead Car After Road

A automotive engine wants an alternator all the time to cost electrical energy to the automotive battery. If it’s not charging, your automotive will die when the automotive battery runs out of electrical energy.

If the serpentine belt snaps off, the alternator won’t cost electrical energy anymore, and in the event you maintain driving, your automotive engine will cease operating after some time. In case your automotive battery gentle is on, it is best to undoubtedly park your automotive and test what’s incorrect.

Serpentine Belt Location

Serpentine Belt Location

The serpentine belt is positioned on the entrance of the engine as a result of the crankshaft pulley powers it.

Keep in mind that the entrance of your engine doesn’t all the time equal the entrance of the automotive. Your automotive will also be put in sideways, and which means your automotive is positioned close to the precise fender of your automotive usually.

Serpentine Belt Substitute Value

A serpentine belt prices 20$ to 50$ and labor prices 40$ to 100$. You may anticipate a complete value of 60$ to 150$ for a serpentine substitute.

Nevertheless, what must be talked about is that normally, if you substitute the serpentine belt, you typically need to substitute some pulleys and the automated tensioner in case your automotive is supplied with one. This may be an extra 50$ to 150$.

It’s endorsed to test all pulleys and tensioners whereas changing the belt to make sure they’re purposeful and in good situation; in any other case, they could trigger your new belt to fail very quickly once more.