Regardless of whether you own or lease your vehicle, it is important to keep up with regular car washing.  By doing so, it will help protect and maintain the finish of the exterior paint so that your car will continue to look fresh and well maintained.

Since purchasing or leasing an automobile can be a costly expense, it naturally makes sense to take precautions in the proper care of this important investment.  A great way to start is by initiating routine car washing into your schedule. By doing so, you alleviate the buildup of dirt and grime which not only looks unattractive but can eventually damage the paint finish and cause rusting of metal surfaces.

With routine car washing, you help alleviate cosmetic damage which will support the car’s value upon sale, and if leasing, it can protect you against having to pay for cosmetic damages when it comes time to turn in your vehicle.  It all comes down to routine care which includes using the proper car wash products.

There are various car washing products on the market that work well on coated and uncoated surfaces. Some come in a concentrated form and can be diluted with water (pressurized water activates suds) and applied with a washcloth or soft rag. There are also soaps infused with ceramic and silica that provide hydrophobic protection. Some product lines offer seasonal maintenance products that further provide a layer of added protection and only need reapplication every couple of years.  There is also a multitude of glass and chrome polishes to help remove water spots, and scratches and leave your car looking shiny and new.

The first step is to get started! Outside elements can wreak havoc on your automobile’s exterior whether it be weather-related or driving on rough, rocky terrain.  Without proper care and protection, the result will be chipped paint, as well as dull wheel rims and trim.  And the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the results you’re hoping for. With a little planning along with the proper car wash products, you can keep your automobile looking as good as the day you picked it up.