Science, electromagnets?

Ever since Bruce McLaren sold his first supercar, it had a powerful V8 behind the driver. Times change and big power can now be had from six cylinders along with high voltage, so what makes the McLaren Artura so fast?

Their latest press release describes the powertrain in detail, starting with a wide-angle V6. Because every other V6 engine fires at 60 or 90 degrees, McLaren chose something all-new. Opening the V of the engine to 120 degrees makes it resemble a flat-six and allows room for twin turbos. It wouldn’t be worth it with the same old transmission, so a new 8-speed was introduced. Between them is the coup de grâce, an axial flux electric motor/generator.

This compact brushless beast is tied to a 7.4 kWh battery, and it allows the Artura to run consistent quarter-mile times in the low 10s. We all know McLaren underrates their cars, and officially this hybrid hypercar is listed to have 531 lb-ft of torque and 680 horsepower. So you will have the same torque as the P1 with the ability to drive 19 miles on the battery and without a heavy price. The Artura represents the future of high performance, so click the button to order yours and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

Images (C) McLaren Automotive