Will Koenigsegg Construct A Hypertruck Of Some Form? Let’s Simply Say That They Haven’t Denied It

Will Koenigsegg Build A Hypertruck Of Some Kind? Let’s Just Say That They Haven’t Denied It

(By Tom Lohnes) – Koenigsegg could also be one of many few firms to by no means have an SUV of their lineup. Just about everybody else has jammed one collectively, generally awkwardly just because they promote so nicely. The only motive for Koenigsegg’s absence from that sport is the truth that Christian Von Koenigsegg, the Founder and CEO of the corporate, doesn’t like them. Subsequently, none will likely be constructed. What was not denied in a current interview performed with him, was an off-roader of some type.

What this off-roader is might be is anybody’s guess, however with a current introduction of the Gemera 4-seater, and all of them promoting out in Three minutes, a raised, multi-million-dollar Gemera on off-road tires is an entire chance. Though a stretch, this might be an enormous revenue enhance for Koenigsegg, as a result of the Freevalve 3-cylinder is an interesting engine, the 7-clutch 9-speed DCT is a real feat of engineering, the physique is beautiful, and the inside seems to be wonderful, so spend just a little cash on some new suspension and wheels, put some off-road tires on stated wheels, and make a ton of revenue. It will please the fanatic, and a Koenigsegg purist doesn’t but exist, so why not? They’ll use a few of their Gemera cash as soon as they really ship them, after which create a very superior automobile with immense functionality.

What are the chances of a 1,700 horsepower, AWD, dirt-slinger with the Koenigsegg crest on the hood? Very small. Wouldn’t it be superior? Sure.